Colorado 710 Sales Event

From July 8th to July 11th stop by your local Apothecary Farms to take part in our special deals, discounts on exclusive merchandise, and the chance to win an amazing prize!

Rosin (SHO) - $50/G (MED), $25/.5G (REC), $190/4G (MED & REC), $300/8G (MED & REC)

Ambrosia™ - $25/G (MED & REC), $180/8G (MED & REC), $560/28G (MED), $800/40G (MED)

Wax / Shatter / Sugar - $12/G (MED & REC), $88/8G (REC), $300/28G (MED), $400/40G (MED)

Lower Shelf Flower - $13/Eighth, $99/Ounce (MED & REC)

Top Shelf Flower (Excluding 14er) - $20/Eighth, $130/Ounce (MED & REC)

710 Merchandise - 10% Off 

All Other Merchandise - 40% OFF