Apothecary Farms’ Marijuana Concentrates

Apothecary Farms was Colorado's first dispensary focused on marijuana concentrates, and while we've since expanded our offerings, we stay true to our roots.

As Colorado’s first extract-focused dispensary, Apothecary Farms specializes in creating the highest-quality marijuana concentrates at affordable price points. 

Featuring state-of-the-art facilities, experienced horticulturalists, extraction techs, and budtenders, as well as three locations throughout Colorado, we have half a decade’s experience helping medical and recreational patients find the perfect cannabis concentrate to suit their needs.

What Is Marijuana Concentrate?

Marijuana concentrates fall into two categories; solvent-based extract methods and solventless extract methods. While solvent-based extracts are highly engineered to ensure there is no leftover solvent in the final product (except in the cases it is intended to be left, like alcohol-based tinctures), some users prefer solventless extracts, which are made using only heat and pressure.

Regardless of how they’re made, marijuana concentrates extract cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and various terpenes from the plant to form a highly potent, highly concentrated cannabis product. 

Despite the extraction process, concentrates, especially live resin concentrates, still take on most of the characteristics of the marijuana strains they’re made with.

Different Types Of Marijuana Concentrates

There are seemingly infinite options to choose from when it comes to marijuana concentrates, including:

Tinctures - Highly concentrated cannabis in an alcohol solution

Capsules - Typically filled with cannabis-infused oil 

Vaporizer cartridges - A type of marijuana extract that comes in cartridges which are designed specifically to be used in a vaporizer

Wax - A soft, malleable concentrate that is smoked with a dab rig 

Shatter - A marijuana concentrate which resembles the consistency of hard candy and is also smoked using a dab rig 

HCFSE - High cannabinoid full-spectrum extract, which is a THC-rich, terpene-loaded extract

HTFSE - High terpene full-spectrum extract, which is a flavor and aroma-rich terpene-heavy concentrate, featuring roughly half the THC and CBD of HCFSE

Sugar - An extract that features a homogenous, terpene-rich sauce with small cannabinoid crystals

Batter - Cannabis batter is similar to cannabis wax that undergoes a different post-processing technique to produce a cake batter-like consistency, and also is made using fresh frozen vs. cured material

Apothecary Farms carries all of these and more, but our specialty is the trademarked, live resin line of marijuana concentrates called “Ambrosia™”.

Live Resin Vs. Cured Concentrates

Ambrosia™ is a live resin concentrate, meaning it is made with plants that were flash-frozen upon harvest and kept frozen until processing. Not only does this help preserve the plant’s natural properties, but it also retains more of the plant’s terpenes. 

Terpenes are an incredibly important and often overlooked cannabinoid that plays a key role in facilitating a holistic cannabis experience. On top of that, terpenes are largely responsible for the taste and aroma of cannabis, which means live resin marijuana concentrates pack far more flavor and aroma than do concentrates made with cured plant material.

Concentrates such as shatter and wax are made with cured plant material, which means the plant was harvested and kept at room temperature, allowing it to cure. Up until recently, this has been the only tried-and-true method of making the various types of marijuana extracts, and it still produces very high-quality concentrates.

We Make Colorado’s Best Marijuana Concentrates

With years of experience in crafting and perfecting marijuana concentrates, our mission is to provide the highest-quality concentrates at affordable prices for Colorado’s medical patients and recreational enthusiasts alike.

Drop in on one of Apothecary Farms’ three locations for a 10% in-person discount off your first purchase! We’re located in:

  • Denver, CO 
  • Pueblo, CO 
  • Colorado Springs, CO 

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