Where Does Ambrosia Take You?

Learn everything there is to know about Apothecary's world renowned Ambrosia! Our Ambrosia Live Resin is an experience like no other...

Apothecary Farms was born out of a love for cannabis extracts and concentrates.

In fact, we’re Colorado’s first extract-focused cannabis dispensary, and while we’ve since grown into flower, we continue to stay true to our roots and offer high-quality cannabis extracts day in and day out.

Since 2015, Apothecary Farms has been one of Colorado’s premier cannabis dispensaries, offering both medical and recreational cannabis in extract and flower form. With physical cannabis stores in Colorado (Pueblo, Denver & Colorado Springs) as well as locations in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Durant, and Moore)! You can also find Apothecary Farms’ products in medically and recreationally-legal state dispensaries throughout the United States.

Keep in mind that by law, Apothecary Farms cannot conduct any online marijuana sales, though we do offer online sales for instore pickup in Colorado via our Weedmaps menus. But the best way to buy from us is to visit one of our cannabis dispensaries (or a dispensary in which our products are located) and come say hi! 

Besides, we’ve always been about delivering knowledge and a personal touch with experienced and friendly staff, and we’d love to share our love for cannabis with you in person.

We’re A Concentrate Focused Dispensary

Apothecary Farms is your go-to weed dispensary for all of your cannabis needs. We even have our own line of trademarked live resin extracts, “Ambrosia™”. When processed, our live resin extracts capture much of the flavor and aroma of the live plant, leading to an unparalleled smoking, vaping and dabbing experience.

Every time you visit our weed dispensaries, we aim to provide you with an incredible end-to-end experience. Come in to chat with our cannabis experts, share your knowledge and walk away from your visit having learned something new.

Our Product Selection

Apothecary Farms carries cannabis products like:

  • Ambrosia™
  • Ambrosia™ Batter
  • Ambrosia™ HCFSE (High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract)
  • Ambrosia™ HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract)
  • Ambrosia™ Sugar
  • Ambrosia™ SHO (Solventless Hash Oil)
  • Ambrosia™ Cartridges
  • Shatter
  • Wax 
  • Sugar
  • Infused Preroll
  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Salves
  • And More!

Ambrosia™ is Apothecary Farms’ trademarked version of live resin, whole-plant extracts. The plant is frozen immediately upon harvest, which yields flavorful and aromatic extracts that closely mimic those of the live cannabis plant. 

Apothecary Farms has locations in Colorado and Oklahoma, with storefronts in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, CO as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK. If you have any questions about our cannabis product line or the services we offer, fill out the contact form or call us today at 719-822-0420. 


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