Ambrosiadaze Harvest Festival

Pueblo 10/11  |   Co. Springs 10/12  | Denver 10/13

We are BACK! Join us as we travel through Colorado celebrating Concentrates and Cannabis. The festival will be making a stop at each of our Apothecary Farms locations. Each event will include unbeatable deals (listed below), awesome vendors, amazing food trucks , giveaways, and exclusive after parties (Co. Springs and Denver).


All Ambrosia including HC, Batter $20 / $560 oz    /////     All Shatter / Wax $12g / 8 for $80 / $280 oz

All Ambrosia Carts $22 per , 10 or more at $20 per cart    /////  Pick Your Own Terp Flight – $100

Pre rolled joints 4 for $20 ///// 3g Rosin Jars – $135 (med only) /////  First Rec Rosin Drop – $50

Harvest Festival Terp Trekker Pack:
(Rec only) Pueblo – Half Ounce Tier 3 / 4g shatter  or wax $85
(Med  only) Co.Springs – Half Ounce of top shelf flower / 4g shatter or wax   $100
(Rec only) Denver – Half Ounce Tier 1 / 4 gs of Ambrosia $140

Harvest Festival Connoisseur Pack (rec only) – Cannagar / Custom Box / g of Rosin / g of HC / Keychain – $175

Edibles Deals –
Buy one get one on Keef Cola (limit 6 total) Med (100mg)  and Rec (10mg)

Buy 500mg Robhots, get 200mg for a $.01 (med) ///// Buy 100mg Robhots get 100mg for a $.01 (Rec)

First 50  in line during each  day  will receive a penny gram of Ambrosia (must spend $100) , First 500 will receive free tshirts (must spend $100). Spend $1000 or more on med and get an exclusive branded item (option of custom terp cooler  or terp trekker jacket).


We will be hosting after-parties on Saturday in Colorado Springs  and Sunday in Denver Colorado. The locations will be announced closer to the date of the event. We will have an RSVP link to register for each party. The parties will run from 10am – 4pm and include an Ambrosia Bar, Awesome Vendors, Snacks and Drinks and much more!

Click link below to check out the festival poster and  more information!