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Apothecary Farms cannabis menus are full of concentrates, flower and more. Come try our signature fresh frozen whole plant extracts, Ambrosia™, for an unparalleled flavor and aroma experience!

Where Does Ambrosia™ Take You?

Apothecary Farms is a full-service cannabis dispensary located in Colorado and Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled customer experience with knowledgeable budtenders and with experienced processing technicians to help both medical and recreational marijuana patients and customers get the products they need, every time.

While our physical cannabis stores will always have the biggest selection of Apothecary Farms products (along with unbeatable customer service), you can also find our products in legal marijuana dispensaries throughout Colorado and Oklahoma.

What’s On The Dispensary Menu



Ambrosia™ is Apothecary Farms’  trademarked line of fresh frozen, whole plant extracts. Our Ambrosia™ brand includes products like Ambrosia™ batter, Ambrosia™ HCFSE, Ambrosia™ HTFSE, Ambrosia™ sugar and so much more. 

Our Ambrosia™ is fresh frozen, meaning we freeze it immediately upon harvesting. And while we create different extract products through various post-processing techniques, all of our Ambrosia™ products help deliver the flavor and aroma of fresh cannabis plants.

Other Extracts


Aside from our trademarked Ambrosia™ fresh frozen whole plant extracts, you’ll find a wide variety of extracts on our dispensary menu made with cured plants such as wax, shatter, sugar and more. 

All of our extracts are made by expert cannabis technicians who go above and beyond to ensure purity and quality of ingredients and products.



While Apothecary Farms was Colorado’s first concentrate-based cannabis store, we certainly don’t limit ourselves to extracts. Take a look at our dispensary menu and, along with extracts, you’ll find a wide variety of sativa, indica and hybrid flower with experts there to help guide you to the perfect strain for you.

More Than Just A Weed Shop

Apothecary Farms is more than just a weed shop. Here, you’ll find cannabis experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you find the product that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking for a THC-heavy HCFSE to get going or a mellow indica flower to help you kick back, Apothecary Farms is here to serve you.

Apothecary Farms has locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, CO, as well as two locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK. Here, we also sell cannabis edibles like gummies, chocolates, drinks as well as tinctures and salves. Questions about our products? Give us a call at 719-822-0420 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

*Please note that our cannabis menus are here to reflect our in-store offerings; we do not sell cannabis online, nor do we offer online purchase-to-pickup.

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