Apothecary Farms Concentrate Infused Prerolled Joints

Contrary to popular belief, not all prerolled joints are created equal. Here at Apothecary Farms, we only use the highest quality ingredients in our concentrate infused prerolled joints; stop by to try one today!

With the incredible array of cannabis products on the market, cannabis has never been as accessible as it is today. With many choices such as edibles, tinctures, hash oil, and even THC sprays to choose from, consulting with your budtender will help you make the perfect decision for your next event, outdoor activity, or night on the town.  But sometimes, things like oil rigs or bongs aren’t convenient on the go, and edibles may not be the cannabis experience you’re looking for in the moment. 

Sometimes, you may just want to sit back and enjoy an old fashioned classic: the joint. 

But to the uninitiated, rolling a joint can prove disastrous. And worse yet, a poorly rolled joint that doesn’t give you the full flavor of the cannabis or falls apart, can leave you feeling incredibly unsatisfied. That’s why Apothecary Farms partners with some of the best grows and offers infused prerolled joints; combining our concentrate and the areas cultivators high-quality material, our cannabis prerolls are a hassle-free way to experience the full flavor profile of your cannabis while ensuring you get the perfect joint every time.

What To Look For In A Good Cannabis Joint

Believe it or not, not all cannabis prerolled joints are created equal.

When harvesting cannabis, the most beautiful buds are usually located at the top of the plant, and these are the buds that you see in dispensary jars. The buds further down the plant, while not as attractive, are just as potent, and are ground up and put into prerolled joints. 

Other weed that finds its way into store bought cannabis joints can be lower quality, not as potent, and not provide the desired flavor profile.

Our Infused Prerolled Weed Joints

Apothecary Farms uses the highest quality concentrates in our infused weed prerolled joints,.  With locations in Denver, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, we’re here to help you find the perfect prerolls no matter where you are. So stop by or give us a call at 719-822-0420 to speak with an expert budtender today!


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