Apothecary Extracts Accomplishments

**The Award-Winning Legacy of Apothecary Extracts**


There's a name in the world of cannabis extracts that shines a little brighter, resonates a little clearer, and undoubtedly stands out from the rest: Apothecary Extracts. Over the years, this stellar brand has clinched numerous awards, showcasing its commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence.


High Times Cannabis Cups - Colorado & Oklahoma)

The High Times Cannabis Cup is the gold standard for cannabis recognition globally. Having your name etched as a winner here is akin to holding an Olympic gold medal in the world of cannabis. Apothecary Extracts has not only participated but has taken home numerous honors, underscoring its world-class products.



- 2021 Best Sativa Concentrate

- 2019 Colorado High Times 2nd Place Indica Concentrate


Dope Cup - Colorado

Another prestigious accolade in the industry, the Dope Cup celebrates the best and brightest in cannabis. Apothecary Extracts has repeatedly been spotlighted, further cementing its place as an industry leader.



- 2017 1st Place - Best Live Resin


Cowboy Cup - Oklahoma


In a nod to its roots and the spirit of the American West, the Cowboy Cup represents a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Apothecary Extracts, with its pioneering spirit, has claimed several awards here as well.



- 2021 Liquid BHO - 1st Place

- 2021 Live Resin Cartridge - 3rd Place

- 2022 Liquid BHO - 1st Place

- 2022 Solid BHO - 1st Place


Connoisseur Cup - Colorafo


For the aficionados, the Connoisseur Cup is where the finest strains and products battle for supremacy. Apothecary Extracts' consistent recognition here speaks volumes about its attention to detail and quality. With over 30+ medals over 3 years, here are some highlights:



- 2017 Industry Concentrates - Best Live Resin

- 2018 Best Live Resin Badder - Blueberry Cheesecake

- 2020 Best Overall Medical Concentrates

- 2020 Best Overall Solventless Concentrates

- 2020 Best Medical Diamonds

- 2020 Best Medical Live Vape

- 2021 Overall Industry Rosin 2nd Place

- 2021 Best Overall Medical Concentrates - Honey Banana

- 2021 Best Overall Medical Live Resin - Raspberry Lychee

- 2021 Best Overall Medical Sugar


 Cannabis Business Awards in Las Vegas


But it's not just about the product; it's about the business, the ethics, and the vision. Apothecary Extracts was nominated for 'Best Extracts' at the prestigious Cannabis Business Awards held in Las Vegas. This nomination underscores the brand's holistic approach to the world of cannabis – delivering top-notch products while setting an example in business excellence.

- Best Extract Company - Apothecary Extracts

- Cannabis MVP - Brent McDonald Apothecary Extracts














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